The Process
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Details! Details! Details!

The first step is personally meeting with you to discuss your job.  At our first
meeting I carefully listen to your concepts and storage needs and gather
details on the work space, time frame and your personal taste.

Details are of the utmost importance when working through a design. I use
your input for the basics; layout, accessories, finish color, hardware,
appliances etc.  I add my skill and experience to make suggestions and work
with you to refine the concept.  I can expertly create anything your imagination
can dream up.

Read the design agreement

The Proposal

Once your design is complete we move to job pricing.  All proposals are
given in writing and final payment is ALWAYS upon completion.  The
proposal will list a clear payment schedule and will outline agreed job details
as specifically as possible.  We encourage clients to carefully review the
proposal and request to have additional details outlined if necessary.

See a sample proposal


This is where it gets exciting!  

All design changes will have been made by this time and your new custom
woodwork is being built!  

As we fabricate your project we can send you progress pictures and keep
you updated. It is common for color sampling for your project to take place at
this time.  

Custom finishing

All finishing is done at the Bakersfield shop.  We do each project as a
custom color and have the ability to match colors.  We can match details and
colors of just about anything. Samples will be made for each job and will be
approved prior to finishing the actual project.  

Our most common finish is oil based stain with lacquer top coat but we also
do pigmented (colored) lacquer, paints, rub through (distressed), varnish and
hand rubbed wax finishes.


We will schedule your installation and arrive early and ready to work.  Most
installs are completed within 3 days.  

We set up drop cloths, plastic sheathing (if necessary), organize subs,
maintain a safe work area, cut outside and always do a daily cleanup.  

We stay at your job until the job is complete and don’t “bounce” from job to


Hopefully explaining the process has helped you become comfortable with
the steps that each job goes through.  

The success of Bakersfield Carpentry relies on quality craftsmanship and
customer satisfaction.  I have the experience needed to develop your
designs, coordinate suppliers and contractors, fabricate a high quality
product, organize delivery and installation schedules and see your project
through to completion.